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Geriatric Medicine Focus:
CONJ 693, CONJ 694

Please Note: The Geriatrics syllabus below is in addition to the all-clerkship syllabus available at the Chronic Care Clerkship Course syllabus page

Educational Opportunities:

All students in the Geriatric Medicine focus will participate in the following talks, which occur at HMC and are broadcast to the VA.
  HMC students: attend in person at HMC Research & Training Conference Room 117.
  VA students: Join remotely at the VA in Bldg 1, room 812, 8th floor conference room.

  • Geriatric Grand Rounds – 8:00am - 9:00am, the first, third and fifth (when applicable) Fridays of the month (except for holidays).
  • Geriatric Journal Club – 8:00am - 9:00am, the second Friday of the month (please see Geriatrics website for journal article beforehand).
  • Geriatric Research Conference – 8:00am - 9:00am, fourth Friday of the month.

VA students ONLY will attend the Combined Conference at the VA.

  • Combined Geriatric Psychiatry and Geriatric Medicine Conference – Building 1/812 PSVAHCS - Seattle GRECC Conference Room, 8:00am - 9:00am, Wednesdays.


Recommended Reading for Geriatric Track:

*Additional resources are posted in the Resources, Handouts, & Readings section of this website.

Clinical Rotations:

Students will be provided in-depth exposure to principles of geriatric medicine as practiced in hospitals, long term care settings, and home care. The institutions have well-developed clinical programs delivering high quality of geriatric care to older adults in our community, and participate in the training of medical professionals within the University of Washington School of Medicine. Each site offers a different perspective of care and at each site the structure of the rotation is unique, with many common denominators.

Students assigned to CONJ 693 HMC-LTC will rotate between sites of care and will have preceptors at each site.

Students assigned to CONJ 694 VAMC-CLC will have a single preceptor, the attending physician for CLC. Additionally, they will work with supervision from Fellows and Residents in training.

Clinical Rotation Sites and Service Offerings at HMC-LTC:

Please see CONJ 693 Catalyst site.


Clinical Rotation Sites and Service Offerings at VAMC-CLC:

The TCU is a 38-bed in patient unit serving an intermediate care stage in the continuum between acute care and post-hospital disposition care unless patients are admitted for purpose of Hospice Care. Patients on the CLC need extended hospital care in recovery from acute medical illness, trauma or surgery and benefit from interdisciplinary rehabilitative care in order to maximize their function. The CLC also offers inpatient palliative/end-of-life care. Students will be as integrated into the CLC's housestaff team. The team is comprised of the following:

  • Medicine/MD component:
    Medicine Attending
    Geriatric Medicine Fellow
    Medicine R-1

  • Rehabilitation therapy component:
    Occupational Therapist
    Physical Therapist
    Recreational Therapist
    Nutritional Therapist

  • Social Work:
    Medicine Social Worker

  • Nursing Services:
    CLC Nurse Manager
    Clinical Specialist
    Adult Nurse Practitioners (ARNP)

Rotation Assignment Service Offerings at VAMC-CLC:
Geriatric rehabilitative care
Sub-acute medical care
Chronic long-term care
Palliative Care
Hospice care

Student Roles and Responsibilities at VAMC-TLC:

  • The student will work with the CLC Teaching Service Team and will participate as a member of the CLC interdisciplinary care team.
  • Students will work up at least one patient weekly; they should work with one patient from each of the following categories of care during the 4 week rotation:
    • Geriatric patient with identified rehabilitation needs
    • Long-term care patient
    • Palliative care patient
    • Hospice care patient
  • Students will perform the following screening evaluations on all their patients: ADL and IADL assessment, MMSE examination, falls assessment and any other evaluations that are indicated.
  • Under supervision, students assume clinical responsibility for the patients assigned to them. Students will perform the clinical responsibilities and duties attendant to in-patient care on the CLC, including rounding on their patients M-F, complete progress notes and chart orders, participate in all conferences and meetings pertaining to their patients, attending and presenting their patients at the Multidisciplinary Rounds and during attending rounds, and communicate with family and other primary caregivers regarding the patient's progress.

Resource Contacts:

Geriatric Course Directors:
Lauren Carpenter, MD
Katherine Ritchey, MD

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Info for Preceptors

Information for clinical preceptors on course goals and clerkship policies, as well as evaluation information and course forms.

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