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Chronic Care Clerkship

Inclement Weather Policy
all Chronic Care students

The inclement weather policy matches the holiday policy for 3rd and 4th year clerkships.  If your team is working in the hospital or the clinic is open, you are expected to show up (while keeping travel safety in mind).

Policy for Holidays

As a member of a health care team in the 3rd and 4th years there are no guaranteed days off except for match day. This includes University of Washington holidays, traditional observances, and major days of religious significance. Students are expected to follow the holiday practice of the clinic/hospital/site at which they are rotating. Meaning, if it is a holiday at your site, you may get the day off.  If it is a working day for your site, you must show up. Night call and rounding schedules take precedence. To plan ahead for holidays, you may wish to call the practice site in advance and inquire.

Revised and Approved by Required Clerkship Committee: June 2011

Full Absentee, Weather, and Holiday Policy


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