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Chronic Care Clerkship Syllabus:
Student Performance Criteria
all Chronic Care students

Observational Ratings from Preceptors and Team Members

Clinical preceptors, nurses, therapists, and other team members will document their observations of your clinical performance on the standard clinical Clerkship Student Performance Evaluation Form. These evaluations will count for 70% of your final grade.

Patient Case Write-Up

The co-director for your specific discipline focus will evaluate your write-up on the basis of thoroughness in covering the issues included in the write-up questions, clarity and organization, recognition of community-based barriers and resources experienced by the patient, insight into the patient's perception of her/his circumstances and care given, and integration of course content into the approach to the patient included in the writeup. Your write-up will count for 20% of your final grade.

Patient Case Presentation

The group facilitator of your student presentation group will use the Faculty Mini-CEX and Evaluation of Student Presentation to evaluate your presentation based on clarity and organization of the presentation, inclusion of relevant medical issues affecting the patient's and family's experience of the illness, and your presentation of the patient's and family's perception of the illness. You will also be evaluated on your analysis of quality of life issues, physical and monetary barriers that affect the quality of care and life, and social issues (family, community, etc) that affect quality of care and life, as well as your statement of important learning issues gained from the case analysis, and your ability to handle questions from the group.

You will also be evaluated using a mini-cex, which will assess whether you acknowledge information about how the patient's illness affects their interaction with their environment, whether you acknowledge the ways in which the patient has or has not been successful in adapting to their disability or end of life, and whether you discuss the health system and the relationship between the systems of health care delivery and the patient's quality of life. Your presentation will count for 10% of your final grade.

Info for Preceptors

Information for clinical preceptors on course goals and clerkship policies, as well as evaluation information and course forms.

Course Schedule

Clerkship Calendar

Chronic Care Didactic Schedules
(not including WWAMI, specific focus, or site meetings).

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