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Patient Case Write-up & Presentation
Patient Case Presentation Instructions
all Chronic Care students

On the last day of the rotation, you will be required to give a brief 10-12 minute presentation, based on your comprehensive patient case write-up, to one faculty member/group facilitator and a mix of students from the other course disciplines. You should briefly describe the medical context for the case and focus on reviewing the discussion section of your report. The topics to be included are:

  • Identification of patient's overall reaction to chronic illness and goals for treatment and management of illness
  • Gaps between patient goals and reality caused by
    1. Unrealistic expectations
    2. Problems with the physical environment
    3. Lack of financial resources
    4. Lack of social support
  • Role of the physician in improving the life of the patient
  • Barriers to appropriate care

Your final comments should include any reflections you have about the significance of this case in your training as a physician.

Your presentation will be followed by an opportunity for others to ask questions or reflect on your presentation. We hope that this session will be very interactive, and allow you and your fellow classmates to pull together your final thoughts about the role of chronic illness in the lives of patients. Please don't just read your write-up word-for-word: use the write-up to gather your information and thoughts, then use the presentation to synthesize them. You can use the evaluation form to guide your presentation.


The presentation facilitator will evaluate your presentation based on clarity and organization of the presentation, inclusion of relevant medical issues affecting the patients and families experience of the illness, and your presentation of the patient and families perception of the illness. You will also be evaluated on your analysis of quality of life issues, physical and monetary barriers that affect the quality of care and life, and social issues (family, community, etc) that effect quality of care and life, as well as your statement of important learning issues gained from the case analysis, and your ability to handle questions from the group.

You will also be evaluated using a mini-cex method, which will assess whether you acknowledge information about how the patient's illness affects their interaction with their environment, whether you acknowledge the ways in which the patient has or has not been successful in adapting to their disability or end of life, and whether you discuss the health system and the relationship between the systems of health care delivery and the patients' quality of life.

Available grades for this presentation include Honors, High Pass, Pass, and Fail. This presentation will count for 10% of your final grade.

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Information for clinical preceptors on course goals and clerkship policies, as well as evaluation information and course forms.

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