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Olympia LIC Chronic Care Clerkship

CONJ 655 - Chronic Care Longitudinal Curriculum

Evaluation and Grading Criteria

There are (5) criteria for evaluating student performance for this clerkship:

  • Observational ratings from preceptors - approximately 70%
  • The comprehensive patient case write-up - 20%
  • Student presentation of the comprehensive patient case write-up - 10%
  • Completion of required exercises for chronic care.
  • Optional completion of reflective paper (required to receive honors for chronic care portion of clerkship)

Final grades will be determined on the combination of grades from the three sources of information described above.  Final grades will be assigned by chronic care lead faculty in Seattle based on preceptor evaluations and review/assessment of the other criteria.

Preceptors will use a standard clinical evaluation form to assess student progress. We ask that preceptors be aware of the specific goals/objectives of chronic care when completing this evaluation.

Usual expectations for final grades include the following guidelines:

Honors on observational ratings from preceptors and a combination of other ratings that are at least High Pass, and no failure.  Completion of reflective paper.

High Pass
At least High pass on observational ratings from preceptors, one Honors grade, and nothing lower than a pass on the remaining sources.

At least a Pass on observational ratings from preceptors, and no more than one Fail on other sources.

Two Fails on any activity or a Fail on the observational ratings from preceptors.