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Olympia LIC Chronic Care Clerkship

CONJ 655 - Chronic Care Longitudinal Curriculum


Please go to the Olympia LIC Chronic Care Catalyst site for full description of the assignments:

  1. Watch the 4 sessions on good/better approaches to delivering bad news.  Review with preceptor.
  2. ADL assessment (review with preceptor)
  3. Write-up of therapist observation/interview
  4. Project for Online Geriatric Education (POGO-E): complete sessions on dementia, delirium, polypharmacy, transitions of care
  5. Home visit write-up
  6. Home visit presentation
  7. Required for Honors grade: Reflective paper on hospice/palliative care patient
  • “Rehab Manual” Ch. 1-2
  • “The Geriatrician in the Nursing Home.”
  • "Assessment and management of the geriatric patient"
  • "Management of falls in older persons"
Recorded lectures: