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Olympia LIC Chronic Care Clerkship

Olympia LIC Chronic Care Clerkship

CONJ 655 - Chronic Care Longitudinal Curriculum

The Chronic Care Clerkship involves students delivering medical care to patients and families dealing with chronic illnesses, chronic pain, or needing palliative care as the end of life approaches.

While students will learn aspects of the clinical disciplines of rehabilitation medicine, geriatric medicine, pain management, and palliative medicine, the curriculum will also focus on integrative learning experiences to help the student understand the process of medical care from the perspective of the patient and family.

Students will be introduced to the obstacles that patients face and the resources that patients access in living with disability in their homes and communities, or dealing with dying, outside of the hospital ward or clinic visit.

Readings, lectures, assignments, and other material are on the Olympia LIC Chronic Care Catalyst page at If you have any difficulty logging in, please contact Teresa Jewell.




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