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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need a car during this rotation?

Students are expected to provide their own transportation for all Chronic Care rotations. Non-WWAMI sites are within the local Seattle area with the exception of the Palliative Care focus. Some Palliative Care assignments are outside of the local Seattle area (Kirkland, Everett, Federal Way, Tacoma, Olympia, etc.) and involve home hospice visits, so students will need to ensure that they have reliable transportation available for these rotations.


Will I be reimbursed for mileage for driving on this rotation?

Mileage is reimbursed for non-WWAMI based rotations for trips to and from Everett or Tacoma (or farther). This is reimbursed through the WWAMI Travel office. See the Travel Reimbursement Form.

Information on WWAMI student travel may be found online at Student Travel & Policy Procedures.


Will I be on-call during this rotation?

There is no call during this rotation.


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Will I be supplied with a pager during this rotation?

No, it is your responsibility to obtain a pager if required by your assigned site.


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Do I have to work on holidays?

Time off for holidays that fall within the rotation timeframe (excluding the first and last day of the rotation for Seattle based rotations) are at the discretion of the clinic/hospital/site and their holiday schedule.

For non-WWAMI based rotations, if the first day of the rotation falls on a UW holiday, orientation will be held the next business day. If the last day of the rotation falls on a UW holiday, final presentations will be moved to the day before the last day.


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What if I need time off for a conference, interview, or personal event?

Please do NOT assume you can get time off during this rotation. With permission from the clerkship director, students may be excused for up to 2 days (including travel time). The first and last day of the rotation are required days of attendance and no absences will be permitted. Please send all requests to the clerkship coordinator. For more information, read the SOM Clerkship Absentee Policy.


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What should I do if I am sick and suddenly can’t attend clerkship activities?

Email the clerkship coordinator and CC your preceptor. Please also follow any instructions given to you by the site coordinator, preceptor, or resident.


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How do I arrange housing at one of the sites?

For non-WWAMI-based rotations, the School of Medicine contracts for medical student housing for required clerkships located more than 35 miles away from the Seattle campus (Tacoma & Olympia). Please contact the clerkship coordinator in order to set up housing at either of these locations.

Most WWAMI rotations offer housing. Please consult the course information on the website for information on housing. For specific housing-related questions, contact the clerkship coordinator for more information.

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I finished my rotation a long time ago and I haven’t received a grade yet, what should I do?

All grades are processed by the clerkship coordinator before they are submitted to the Dean's office. Submitted grades are accessible throught the online E*Value Curriculum System and you will receive an email notification once the grade has been submitted.

If you were assigned an evaluation of your preceptor and have not completed that evaluation, you will not be able to view the submitted grade until you have completed the evaluations assigned to you. The "Medical Student Evaluation of Clerkship" (i.e. course/clerkship evaluation) is a requirement in order to view your final grade in the E*Value Curriculum System. Alternatively, your final grade is available through upper campus.

If you have completed the necessary evaluations and still have not received the grade submission email notification, please contact the clerkship coordinator.

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What should I do if I encounter a difficulty with my team during a rotation?

If you have a problem with a team member on your rotation, please contact the clerkship co-director/faculty lead for the discipline that you are focused on. If you need further assistance, contact the clerkship director or coordinator.


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If you still have questions, please contact us.

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