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Chronic Care Clerkship
Course Didactics - Summer C

The first day and the last day of the rotation are required dates of attendance. These days are spent at the University of Washington in didactic sessions.

**This page is subject to frequent change.

Monday August 29, 2016: (First Day/Orientation)

Time Location Description
8:00am BB-1602 Welcome/Orientation
9:00am BB-1602 Rehabilitation and Functional History
10:00am BB-1602 Chronic Pain Introduction
11:00am BB-1602 Lunch
11:45pm BB-1602 Palliative Care Student Breakout Session
(palliative care students only)
12:00pm BB-1602 Palliative Care Introduction
1:00pm BB-1602 & BB-1404 Standardized Patient Exercise
3:00pm BB-1602 Wrap-up



Monday September 12, 2016: (3rd Monday)

Time Location Description
12:30pm BB-1602 Rehab Resident Lecture/Exercise
(required for all except Chronic Pain)
1:30pm BB-1602 Vanquishing Virtue / Into the Water Discussion
Please read the articles prior to attending this session.
(required for all students)



Monday September 19, 2016: (4th Monday)

Time Location Description
12:00pm BB-1602 Rehab Resident Lecture/Exercise
(required for all except Chronic Pain)
1:00pm BB-1602 Opioid Cases
(required for all students)



Friday September 23, 2016: (Last Day/Presentations)

Time Location Description
9:00am T-474 Values Clarification Guided Experience Exercise
(attendance required, participation optional)
10:30am   Break
10:45am T-474 Grief and Legacy Work
11:45am   Lunch
12:30pm South Campus Center (SCC)

Student Presentations

Group 1 - SCC 348
Group 2 - SCC 350
Group 3 - SCC 346
Group 3 - SCC 342



Info for Preceptors

Information for clinical preceptors on course goals and clerkship policies, as well as evaluation information and course forms.

Course Schedule

Clerkship Calendar

Chronic Care Didactic Schedules
(not including WWAMI, specific focus, or site meetings).

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