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Chronic Care Clerkship

Chronic Care Clerkship
Course Didactics - Summer A

The first day and the last day of the rotation are required dates of attendance. These days are spent at the University of Washington in didactic sessions.

**This page is subject to frequent change.

Monday June 26, 2017: (First Day/Orientation)

Time Location Description
9:00am BB-1602 Welcome/Orientation
10:00am BB-1602 Understanding Chronic Pain
11:00am BB-1602 Chronic Pain Student Breakout Session
(chronic pain students only)
11:00am   Lunch
11:45pm BB-1602 Palliative Care Student Breakout Session
(palliative care students only)
12:00pm BB-1602 Palliative Care Introduction
1:00pm Break
1:15pm BB-1602 Standardized Patient Exercise
3:30pm BB-1602 Wrap-up



July 17, 2017: (4th Monday)

Time Location Description
12:00pm *BB-904* Rehab Resident Lecture/Exercise
(required for all except Chronic Pain)
1:00pm BB-1602 Opioid Cases
(required for all students)
2:30pm   Break
2:45pm BB-1602 Disability Discussion
Please read these articles prior to attending class:
-Training physicians about caring for persons with disabilities
-Physician Experiences Providing Primary Care to People with Disabilities


Friday July 21, 2017: (Last Day/Presentations - Required)

Time Location Description
9:00am BB-1404 Values Clarification Guided Experience
10:30am   Break
10:45am BB-1404 Grief & Legacy Work
11:45am   Lunch
12:30pm various Student Presentations



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